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a program with like minded health conscious women

Have you ever felt like life is working against you to not being able to achieve your healthy goals? That's why this program is created to achieve a healthier, more energized lifestyle that is easy to maintain and doesn't interfere with a busy lifestyle and yet still highly impactful.

This program has two components: group program for the deep supportive group atmosphere plus a monthly one on one with Rhonda to receive a more tailored unique lifestyle and health support. Rhonda's goals as a member in this program is for you to discover: a new layer of untapped energy, increased self- confidence and inside and outside awareness of body, mind and spirit, and to have a deeper impactful experiences that break the old diet patterns...

This is a program where you get to build a new layer of vitality and fuel your soul, leading to increased self confidence and enthusiasm for life... as Rhonda has seen with over hundreds of clients, everything tethers together, thus being stuck in your health, and learning the get RAW go BOLD be YOU journey, it will enhance every part of your life.

If you are ready and this resonates with you, you are invited in to take the next steps to fill out the Vitality Form.

As an AADP Certified Health Coach, Rhonda will lead with her years of experience while utilizing her favorite tools with proven results such as her: Three Energy Revitalize Pillars, FITT Goal Approach, and Top 10 Sabotage List.

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Presents to jumpstart and open your path into get RAW go BOLD be YOU journey:

  • a special tea created for YOU of herbs, from Rhonda.
  • an opening your heart journey, "Freshly Inspired Heart Wisdom" essential oil spray
  • Rose quartz rock that partners with the signature oil and connection to your heart journey
  • 14 Day to a Flat Belly best seller
  • welcoming vitality connection meditation video
  • welcoming mindset mastery video
  • welcoming meridian stretching video

To add in a bit before share about the three pillar vision for energy unlocking, here is an introduction to Rhonda's approach and philosophy. As a health coach and an avid studier of all different realms of health, Rhonda focuses in on Fascia smoothing, Meridian movement and stretching to calm and destress the nervous system for chronic pain release and strengthening the immune system

Pillar I Mindset Mastery: Rhonda will be leading with her tool; Top 10 Sabotages That Rob You Of Your Vitality and Cash Flow. Every time the group meets, you will have a specific mindset strategy that is pulled from the top 10 list to theme the group session as you get to discover what mindset is holding you back from creating the body and lifestyle that you are seeking. We are known to say 60,000 words to ourself every day, 80% known to be negative and 90% of that is an every cycle over and over of the same thoughts. This is one of our energy stealers.

Girl doing relaxation exercises, practicing yoga and meditating. Yoga, balance, meditation, relaxation, healthy lifestyle, online training concept.

Pillar II Pain Relief Movement: Learn to release chronic pain with consistent approach in body movement and stretching to build a more strong and resilient. Chronic pains disrupts the body system, increases the stress hormones and increases inflammation throughout the joints and steals clean thinking. This pillar is to support your body by physically moving your fascia with a ball and roller. PLUS a blend of yoga and meridian stretching.

Pillar III No Fear Eating : Rhonda will lead with her 25 years in the health industry and 15 years as an AADP Certified Health Coach. This is truly the time to play and adventure into new thoughts around food. Plus we are working on releasing the diet approach and stop seeing food as a calculation but more into nutrition and overall results you want in life. Be ready to come and play in such a deep trickery space of food!

A quick overview of how this program works:

Coaching sessions together are two times a month plus a one one one directly with Rhonda as she will utilize her FITT process to create your goals

Getting to know Rhonda's... This is where Rhonda gets to share her gems of knowledge based on research and studies: 1) writing her two best selling books; 2) studying over 500 diets; to see the pros and cons of each diet plan; 3) Twenty five years in the healthy industry with group exercise classes, personal training, and health coaching school and 4) walking her own talk while learning what she had to do in her journey to live with no more medicine for hypothyroidism which she tools for almost 20 years.

What's this journey about when speaking of heart wisdom...

"Over the years I have learned to open up my heart every day. Actually I feel at a loss if I don't have it opened up as this is the way that we get to connect with ourselves, have deeper real relationships and more insight in living in our passion. I will be adding journaling that you will receive, my signature essential oil, "Freshly Inspired HEART WISDOM" and Rose Quartz rock to partner with your heart wisdom spray. I have found that this is the best way to keep my heart open to the direction of body realignment and being in truth of what I have been deeply asking for all throughout my life... I just didn't have the vision and also the confidence to hold the space of possibilities. After I got off of medicine of 20 years and now off for 8 years I have learned of how the heart wisdom connection from a like minded community with the additional spirit space will add a new layer of energy to quantum leap ourselves into a deeper goal and results." Rhonda Liebig, Vitality Coach for healthy, wealthy people

Your kickoff month will start with an anti- inflammatory food, lifestyle focus with my best selling book, "14 Days to a Flat Belly". This will prepare your overall connection to YOU.

Why this food approach works and connects you to your dreams and goals!

Rhonda will have a special food approach in which she calls Vitality Eating, Sexy Food...

It's time to get out of the old school diet routine... Many people have a special diet talk such as: I do the 80/20 Rule, I try to not eat carbs, and I mainly eat meat and vegetables. This can be one of the biggest downfalls that I have seen in my 25 years of being in the health industry. The idea of food being a point system, a rule (80/20rule), or a category gives distance from what food really is to the body.

As a group, we will connect with your personalized energy eating plan which will be created during our coaching times. You will be learning the different layers that happen before, during and after your meals to learning how to expand your pallet to appreciate what you body is yearning for to bring in the vitality that you are seeking. In this process I utilize my goal seeking approach call, Focus Integrate Transform and Thrive (FITT). Then we are utilizing my signature system that has been created throughout my 25 years, The Energized Path Solution - Increase Your Energy and Return To YOU.

You will learn what foods:

  • give you a vibrant kick of energy which will then increase your metabolism, 
  • truly add into your energy bank instead of depleting it, 
  • Can calm and reset your hormones
  • Ground your thought patterns by learning what foods you metabolize better, and
  • much more as you learn more about your personal backstory with "diet" and how much you bring in your curiosity for new discoveries.

Here are your tools you will receive in your 14 Day kick- off plan and these will be the tools you utilize to move forward in your every day journey which you can utilize for the reset of your life:

  • 14 Days to a Flat Belly best seller pdf book,
  • Scrumptious wholesome recipes, 
  • Flat Belly Master grocery list,
  • Gratitude daily support and
  • 14 day food formula

About Rhonda Liebig...

Rhonda is fiercely committed to supporting people that are drained and exhausted, ready to revitalize their energy and mindset to build stamina and create their unstoppable impact. Over 20 years in the health industry Rhonda specializes in breaking through energy road blocks by using her “ROAR To Revitlize Method”, her signature six step strategy that creates your day with tenacious energy. 

Rhonda will inspire you to face areas of self-limiting beliefs so that you build a momentum to your healthy plan that can be so confusing for many, the deep self-care. As a leader Rhonda is passionate in what she does and has built her business on a strong foundation through the media platform on Fox News, Good Day Sacramento, and other interview circuits. Her Energy Revitalize Mentoring has supported clients globally from the US and abroad. 

My background as your guide/mentor:

  • Group Exercise leader since 19 years old
  • Health Coach for 15 years
  • In the health industry for 25 years
  • Sexy Food connector
  • Best selling author/writer

Rhonda Liebig, Vitality Coach for Rock Stars like YOU

  • AADP Certified Health Coach  
  • Author: "The FITT Solution" and "14 Days To A Flat Belly"
  • Multilevel media platform "Fresh Talks - Global Vision"
  • Speaker: "Developing Your Health Success Mindset"