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Who is Rhonda Lou Moxy?

Rhonda Liebig, in the speaker world known as Rhonda Lou Moxy, believes that there are too many misunderstood discussions that are violent, along with shaming out there in the world. Rhonda is creating influence through her movement #speakerlockingarms, now is the time to partner and to create a loving more calm place throughout the world.

Rhonda Lou Moxy brings into the events her high energy vibe and her vitality approach to support quantum leap discussions for lifestyle, health and business updates. Rhonda will come and play virtually and / or LIVE with her high vitality intuition while showing up in all her dance and playfulness fun.

Rhonda is a two time published author, certified health coach, speaker coach, vitality business coach, founder of Fresh Talks - Global Vision show and CEO of Vitality Heart Hub. With over 10 years in the business world as a CPA, and 20 years in the health and wellness industry, she has overcome personal health struggles by learning how to stop, reframe, and revitalize for herself, client's and audiences that she speaks with.

Rhonda was on thyroid medicine for 20 years and she is going to share the key to vitality and success through using both physical and emotional awareness, a negative mindset will destroy positive intentions while working harder, leaving you fatigued with no quantum leap results. She speaks to audiences internationally on the how to’s to increase healthy cash vitality and clarity of mind to live their life unapologetically, run their business as the passionate CEO that is ready to arrive and inspire.

"We all need a Vitality refresher in this new world and creating at a new level through our heart center!" ~Rhonda

Rhonda is a frequent featured guest on local television stations, best selling author, and creator of a multimedia platform "Fresh Talks - Global Vision" for speakers centered in high quality Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM) which originally was a LIVE speaker tour throughout Northern California, Las Vegas and Arizona.

Featured on...

“Rhonda’s presentations are high energy, content-rich and she involves the audience many times throughout to really hold their attention. I highly recommend having Rhonda speak at your next event!.”

- Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker and Event Host

Talk Description #1

Wear Your Power Suit As A Speaker/ Business Owner #Inspirers!

As a speaker what is the biggest challenge that you face while serving in your passion when doing Facebook LIVES, writing your emails, or being a part of Live and virtual events?

The LOUD chatter out there?

Showing up as the true YOU?

Some people may call this competition and/or comparing yourself to others.

Then, how do you resolve this?

By marketing fully in your passion as authentically you and staying into action (no hiding) before, during and after EVERY event.

These are the action steps that will quantum leap your speaker business to 2.0 and up leveling your relationships with: 1) Your mental "A Game" with YOU and the event producer. This is where your cash vitality will expand or bend backwards.

In this unique talk you will learn how to:

  • STOP the chatter out there
  • STOP comparing
  • Tap into Vitality Mindset with food
  • Tap into Clearing Mind Chatter
  • Market YOU

Book Rhonda as your audience will discover what are the special challenges to a speaker business relative to other industries! It's your time to Wear Your Power Suit As A Speaker, #Inspirers!

"I feel safe with Rhonda..."

- Shannon Sundberg

Hope Dealer and Dream Pusher of the High Vibe

Talk Description #2

We are Partners - It’s time to lock arms and create influence #speakerlockingarms #globalvision!

In this discussion Rhonda will share how to break through the loud chatter that is happening, find your power partners and create your personal influence by creating your #globalvision. With so many transformation businesses being created over the past couple of years we will discuss the importance in rebirthing YOU, your business and your influence by creating your own personal #globalvision. This is how your audience members get to see you showing up as YOU... and not mimicking someone else. Rhonda will be breaking down old stale strategies vs new strategies as she guides you in connecting more to your vision and the changes you yearn for in the world. That's why we will be working with the motivation and the creation of your global vision so that you leave this talk with a higher vibration of you and your work out there in the world. No one else can be you... there's your power button. This talk is for you if you are ready to strut, authentic you and partner with other powerhouses by speaking your #globalvision!

You will learn:

  • The importance of partnering in this new world
  • How to's to build your Global Vision so that you stand out from all the chatter out there
  • How to create a stronger presence based on your global visions
  • How to Up-level your branding and being seen as a higher level expert

“I haven’t worked with someone that is so nonjudgmental and I value that highly! Rhonda puts things in a way that are palatable.”

- Carolyn CJ Jones

Forgiveness Coach

Talk Description #3

Pamper Your Profits While Building Business In Your Unique Talk!

Rhonda is a high believer in taking care of yourself before you take care of others. Over the years Rhonda has created a health routine that has helped her discover more about herself than any therapy has ever done for her in the past. This approach has taught and guided Rhonda in ways that she didn’t see would be the results to getting off of Hypothyroid medicine that she was on for 20 years and to finding her true business model that she loves.

Too many are out there over working and losing their grip on why they even started business in living their true passion. You will want to be here for Rhonda’s talk if you are a speaker or getting ready to launch your speaker business. Rhonda is the CEO and creator of her Vitality Heart Hub with three departments; Vitality Speaker Coaching, Vitality Business Coaching and Vitality Health Coaching PLUS the founder of a multi-media tv show The Fresh Inspiration Show - Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM), a monthly speaker platform where she helps others get out there with their business through speaking.

In this talk you are going to be learning:

  • How to tap into your personal Vitality routine to create a sustainable lifestyle and business and still feel VIP pampered
  • The steps to getting your true authentic voice out there to ideal clients
  • The components you need in your talk to create influence with others while creating a business people are talking about

Talk Description #4

The Way You Look At Your Timeline Will Heal Your Body and your Business

Have you been on a journey to finally stop the chaos in your life and create a new vitality flow in everything that you touch? Rhonda believes that everything tethers together. Thus if you looking at upleveling your business, cash flow, lifestyle, relationships, etc then this is where you start... creating vitality in your life to heal your body... learn about your life timeline to get to know yourself to work in a smarter way in your day; quantum leaps are possible once you learn the formula.

Rhonda will be sharing with you how the Vitality Healing Timeline will create information that you need right now so that your body starts healing and you will be more open to quantum leap your business, cash flow, lifestyle, relationships, etc. Rhonda will be sharing her strategies that she has learned in her personal journey of getting off of hypothyroid medicine and how she started using the timeline, utilizing the information and updated her day to create higher energy in her day.

This talk is for you if you are a speaker, business owner, yearning for health updates, getting off of medicine, learning more about YOU or ALL of the above. Rhonda's intentions in this talk is to be with you sharing her knowledge through 20 years in the health industry, 10 years as a CPA business approach, 10+ years as an entrepreneur and 5 years of being off of medicine after 20 years of living on medicine.

  • Receive your energy tools to increase your vitality
  • Learn how to increase brain and body energy to get bigger results in your day
  • Learn how to create vitality to heal your body and heal your business.

Talk Description #5

Your Mind Is Directly Speaking To Your Vitality

Rhonda will be using her signature tools depending on how much time she gets to have with you: Three Energy Revitalize Pillars, FITT Process, ROAR Method and Top 10 Sabotage List of Words and Phrases. These tools are going to create a new journey for you in your vitality. You will learn why you are having deep low energy in your day and this discussion is not just about food there are many layers that occur in your day that directly drop your energy. Let's have a conversation using the tools that Rhonda has created for you.

Rhonda has been in the health industry for 20 years. Throughout her journey Rhonda has discovered some gems that are interwoven with thought patterns and the demise of our health. In this talk you will excitingly discover your Vitality Blueprint through question and answers that you can answer for yourself. Rhonda will share her ROAR Energy Assessment where you will learn how to Reset Your Organs And Revitalize (ROAR).

These discoveries started occurring once Rhonda broke up with her hypothyroid medicine five years ago after living with medicine for 20 years. Yep, this was one of the biggest breakups that she has ever had in her life and she's going to share her wisdom with you in a high interactive discussion. This is one of Rhonda's great authentic moves during her talk is to keep you engaged and playing along. Since this talk is about health, you can take notes and not even use your vocals and still receive massive ideas around your blueprint.

In this talk you are going to be creating a Jump Start in your personal Vitality Blueprint as you will be introduced to your health and wellness story utilizing the strategies during the talk and the tools that you will leave with is for your:

  • Food Intuition
  • Mindset Oneness
  • Movement Vitality

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