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Are you ready to be more sparkling, confident, daring and energetic while overcoming a challenge to reach your "dare I reach goal?" Is there a specific area in your life where you'd like to see more Moxy?

This weekly show is about getting out of the same-ole -same-ole mindset, seeking to break free from the plagued boring results time and again. When you show up LIVE, you will be with us on YouTube LIVE streaming, Facebook LIVE or BEKONNECTED. Ask Questions/ Comment as this is a high interact show. You can even adjust the show based on your questions and comments. Try something new and opt in!!


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Here's the show layout:

  • First, Rhonda will kickoff the show with a weekly motivational spin to wake-up your inner Moxy.
  • Next, We will reach into "10 Sabotages That Rob Your Vitality, Cash and Wellness" tool of Rhonda's and this week we will be talking about "I Can't - Ask: Why is this "I can't" not serving me?"
  • After that - Rhonda will be tapping into one of her five steps that she has in her Freedom pillars. We're focusing on the first step in feeling naturally, "Fabulous" everyday. NOT just good but FABULOUS.
  • Lastly a closure that will have meditation to bring all the tools and energy together, Moxy Style!!!
  • The show is cast LIVE to our listeners as you get to interact and potentially change the direction of the show just based on your comments and questions!

As your host of the show, Rhonda will bring in playfullness, Moxy style, while also getting down to working on your weekly transformation into your goals. This is what Rhonda calls, FITT goals. Unleash your Moxy is designated to provide the tools and inspiration necessary to break free from repetitive, unfulfilling results as Rhonda will bring in her 15 years of creative vitality coaching and 20 years of speaking on various platforms.

With over 7 years of experience running shows/podcasts and over a decade of running retreats from the Fresh Inspiration Ranch, Rhonda's seen firsthand the transformative power of group think and tanks. This show, Unleash Your Moxy is a way to shift perspective in your every day and get out of stuck mode to deep strategic focus. Thus once you get your virtual ticket, have your journal & pen and be ready to focus on YOU!

Remember, it's your time to make that quantum leap and bend time the Moxy way. Let's continue this conversation on Monday @7AM Pacific/ 10AM Eastern. Click the link below, opt in and once you receive your first email, click reply and share your insight in areas of your life:

  • where you need more sparkle
  • where you are stuck
  • where are ready to go deeper and
  • how do you envision your transformed self.

Giving thought to the above perspectives will get you ready for the show. Woothoot!

About Rhonda:

Rhonda Liebig, aka Rhonda Lou Moxy, with 15 years experience in media, writing books, and speaking in various industries she understands what it really takes to bring visualization, motivation and decision making for people to take action utilizing Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM) to get REAL go BOLD be YOU #speakerlockingarm. Stop the blaming and the shaming out there!