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We are looking for speakers who are building their global vision out there speaking their big vision(s) to support positive change in this world. We are here to create a safe, empowering space for speakers to share and grow business. We will get you seen and your message heard with our multi- level media, global vision show.

Fresh Talks Increases Your Visibility as a #SuperstarSpeaker in Sharing Your Inspiration and Your Global Vision in a New Way.

Fresh Talks - Global Vision is a monthly virtual show supporting #superstarspeakers and virtual audiences with visions of a global movement toward Freedom, Safety, and Healing. We call our movement; #speakerlockingarms.

Fresh Talks has created themes to inspire conversations for health, spirituality, business, motivation, lifestyle.
We first, go virtually LIVE for three to four hours, second layer we show case you in a bite size sizzle of one to three minutes of videos and we send out information about you, before and after the show to keep you sizzling and our audiences getting to know you.

What's your Global Vision?

Would you like to be featured on Fresh Talks - Global Vision to share your 10 to 17-minute talk or an interview with Rhonda during the LIVE show? We are interested in what you have been speaking on your platform and interviews. Here are benefits and services that you receive during your time with us: 1. Our marketing team will be marketing you through your branding and many layers, 2. You will receive two sizzle reels and get you to audiences on various media platforms, 3. and planning time with Rhonda, founder of the show to capture your deeper vision (global vision) of what you do in your business as this will create more communication in what you are doing to support your client's and audiences.

Want to speak more about your vision then book your time on the show, and all the services that you receive.



Sizzle videos from Fresh Talks - Global Vision show.

This could be YOU!

Here are a few transformations we have seen:

  • Presence visibly soars higher
  • Confidence increases as you are standing strong in your talk
  • Personal essence stands in a higher vibe
  • Stepping deeper into your expert status
  • Command attention with your #globalvision in tact
  • Your talk crafted clearly for your audiences

Why Partner with Us?

Fresh Talks' vision is to transform the world through our vocals!

After 5+ years of running this show, working with over a hundred speakers we are here to heal from stress and stepping out of our limiting thoughts, for us as speakers and also for our audiences.

What have you been doing out there as a speaker? We would love to know more about you and your vision that you are seeing in your audiences and client's as Fresh Talks vision is to break through all the noise with motivational talks around your niche that bring awareness of how we can live in a space of freedom, safety, and healing to decrease or stop the blaming and shaming.

Does this resonate with you?

Is there something that you have been wanting to say and perhaps didn't feel that you were in the right space, right platform and right group to go "ALL OUT" and be the true you? This is what Fresh Talks loves to nurture and with a mutually beneficial relationship where everyone feels seen, acknowledged and understood. This approach is utilized throughout the prepping conversations before we go LIVE on show day.

This is one of the reasons that Rhonda started having these deeper conversations, right up front. Rhonda has been speaking for 20 years in corporate and as a motivational speaker and the number one issue that she kept coming up against is that after she did her talk/ interview she felt there was something missing and there was this feeling that there truly was not a partnership during and after the process. For example, you will see that at the bottom of this page, we keep your picture up to display that you have been on the show as a Fresh Talks speaker, plus the sizzle reels get marketed over and over, and the conversation with our community keeps going. This is why Fresh Talks believes that our platform is unique and a partnership to have your back in marketing and upleveling your business with your branding. Let's get the "frank conversations" happening right away and growing you and your audiences on various platforms. This is our time to work together and level up together with one talk at a time, while being more powerful as a team instead of a solo act.

With these steps this is how Fresh Talks gets to create a safe, authentic and a unique virtual experience for everyone and level up the Mindset Transformation Entertainment (TM) with one talk at a time. Fresh Talks - Global Vision used to be called, The Fresh Inspiration Show. So what made us change the name? We felt as a group that we were getting great motivational conversations going, but still felt like we weren't stepping into the bigger picture of what's going on out there in the world. Everywhere we go, we are all seeing that people are saying opinions to others and they are doing it in the way of being hurtful. This may be the way that "these people are talking" and that they are "speaking their mind"... but the show started acknowledging, if we had fresh conversations about emotional IQ and getting real with how different it is when we show up heart centered speaking our truth versus battling words. This is where we are saying, let's have a fresh conversation while leveling up our emotional balance and transformation. Over this past year, we feel like we are "nailing it" when it comes to sharing in an authentic way but not shaming others, approach.

Does this create curiosity for you in what to collaborate? If so, then let's start the process of creating a higher vibration into this world, with you being added to our next show, which you will be sent the schedule and decide which day and month you want to be a part of the show.

Click the button and then get ready for your initial conversation with Rhonda, founder of the show to address any needs and fears as a speaker. This is set up so that we have a kick butt experience together! Questions for you: 1. Do you have specific concerns when doing your talk and sharing more of YOU, as this is part of your talk and sharing your global vision, and/or, 2. Are there elements that you are feeling have been missing from other current platforms and you want to make sure that you are getting the best out of your investment in this journey with Fresh Talks.

Rest assured, we are here to listen, understand and address your ideas! Let's go :-)

Partner with Us and Increase Your Visibility, Impact, and Influence...


What You'll Receive with Fresh Talks - Global Vision as a #SuperstarSpeaker


10 to 17 minute talk to share your Global Vision OR an interview while introducing you through marketing and sharing you to our audiences


Your global vision will be supported, talked about and showcased through Fresh Talks - Global Vision marketing team. We have almost 60K clicks on #speakerlockingarms. Now it's your time!


Third party notoriety through Fresh Talks marketing team. Premiering on multi-level media platforms with 1 to 3 minute edited video footage of you.


Nailing your talk by working directly with Rhonda Liebig, who has 20 years experience speaking in corporate and as a motivational speaker & business coach.

Our Speakers Have Been Featured On

What Our Speakers Have to Say

About their Experience with Fresh Talks and Working with Rhonda Liebig

"Fresh Talks - GV Show - Fantastic! The way all the stars got to share in their expert space and also communicate with each other made this an absolutely incredible show with everything feeling like this all was created organically. You are amazing and you have a gift. Your ability to sum everything up during the Closing Ceremony. What a unique show and a gift you are giving to your community."

Angela Santi, Living Dolce Vida Lifestyle

"I had an amazing time with Fresh Talks GV Show! Rhonda!!! You had a great group of authors and all were really good speakers!"

Carolyn CJ Jones, speaking and coaching

"Thank you, Rhonda Liebig, for the opportunity to learn, grow, show up to be loud and proud, and build influence. Thank you for The Inspiration Show and the wonderful people behind the scene and the great audience and my fellow tour authors who is family now. I will stop now and say this opportunity is Just Simply the Best!"

Dianna Nash, author & founding speaker of the Fresh Inspiration Show


Who Have Been on Our Stage

(in person or virtual)

Dianna Nash
Caroline Robert - Smart Coffee
Teresa Campos
Dr. Beth Halbert
woman standing
Woman Laughing

Meet Rhonda

Rhonda Liebig is fiercely committed to creating peace, energy, prosperity, and structure for you as you are lifted to your higher space as an expert speaker and author. She created Fresh Talks to provide you and other heart-centered experts a stage and a welcoming platform - when too often those pursuing opportunities hear NO instead of YES.

Participation in Fresh Talks offers varying levels of support, which provides you with everything you need to effectively grow your business. Not sure how to pull together a global changing message? We got you covered! Need some clear, open, soul-based guidance to get you grounded and light on your feet? Covered. And if you need someone to critique your delivery, and give you heart-centered, straight-forward feedback? We got your back!

Rhonda found this important when she realized that her dad, whom she had tragically lost many years earlier, was right on her shoulder as she was writing her latest book, 14 Days to a Flat Belly: Guide to a Vibrant, Energetic, Sexy You! She took that inspiration and is now supporting others as they share and become vulnerable in their WHY as they share their book and use the stage to magnify their message.

Rhonda is an energy revitalizer and mindset coach bringing freedom into your lifestyle and cash flow. She has worked in the health and wellness industry for 20 years. Rhonda is an AADP Certified Health Coach and holds a CPA license. She practiced accounting for over a decade before realizing that corporate life was not for her. With Rhonda's uniquely blended background, her business serves clients worldwide through her holistic health practice. She is the creator of a Dental Hygienist Program, certifying hygienists as professional Health Coaches, and she is the CEO and Founder of "Fresh Talks - Global Vision Show."

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