Revamp your Energy and Work on your Business Day!

The Energy Revamp days have started at The Fresh Inspiration Ranch. This is a day where Rhonda will bring The Thee Energy Revitalize Pillars to you. This is a day to connect to your vitality by staring off the day with DEEP SELF CARE - PILLAR I:

Fascia therapy - Unclog what food, mindset and lack of movement has slowed you and your metabolism down.

Meditation- Mindset reset time with like minded community

Yoga - Meridian yoga therapy to realign your mind, body and spirit.

PILLAR II: Then Rhonda will share her specialty foods as a wellness chef at her ranch by preparing you a scrumptious wholesome lunch and creating the WHY in the foods you need to eat. You will learn crazy fun facts about yourself and your food.

PILLAR III: The energy we have created with PILLAR I & II will be alive and ready to be used to create your higher steps in your business/writing your next talk/writing a book. The ranch will be set up with fresh inspiration tables to talk business with others at the ranch. Rhonda will also be there for business and writing coaching.  

"Energy Revamp & Build Business Days at The Fresh Inspiration Ranch" Each day starts at 10:00 AM and end at 2:00 PM: November 14th 

 January 2020 

Come meet new community and be in the space with like minded people...

The Fresh Inspiration Ranch is here for you and your business...

1 day = $49; 2 days = $70; 3 or more = $100

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