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What our Speakers are saying?

Thank you Rhonda for the opportunity to speak at The Fresh Inspiration Show back in July 2020!

You "moved mountains" for me and the two people who became my client's through their inspiration during my talk on the show!

I am enjoying the blossoming of our relationship and continued transformation! Thank you!

- Janet Caliri founder of Visible Transitions

“Why I am with you is because I thrive in my heart space."

- Jill Flowers, Soul Activist

“With your most welcoming way, you have this natural ability that allowed me to be my authentic self and share my unique gifts to help those who may be in need. That is my life purpose and with your guidance, it was effortless. Just within six week of being with you I enrolled 3 new clients and have been getting out there and speaking more to increase my influence and get more connections."

- Sharon Caren

"I am learning to go beyond the discomfort of leaving my safe zone at times of inevitable emotional distress. It's a learning I learned as I work with you.  I am truly grateful for you. "

- Regina An, Virtual Support for your creative ideas and passion

This video below is with The Fresh Inspiration Show star Christi Corradi as she did the Six Week Expert Series with us to increase her following, create new sells in her business and to bring out more in the world of what she does in her private sessions with client's.

If you are looking to grow your business, shout out more about what you do for client transformation and learn more about yourself as a business owner, you will want to connect with TFIS for the process to be an expert in your own six week series. Click the button, get more information, to inquire.

Fresh Inspiration Programs Available  

Fresh Inspiration Symposium, Podcast & TV Show for Speakers.  

Be a star on The Fresh Inspiration (virtual) Show LIVE (TFIS), the Fresh Podcast on iTunes, iHeart and Spotify and then professionally edited for ROKU tv and Fire Stick tv (Amazon) by filling out the form above. TFIS markets and plays with all of our stars through premarketing show, post marketing show, and in addition to being featured on The Fresh Inspiration show website throughout the year with a direct link to your website as we get you LIVE in front of our virtual audience through six platforms, Rhonda has worked with over a hundred speakers, which are tons of hours, creating and supporting high creative, authentic, dynamic talks for speakers.  

Fresh Inspiration Influence in Six Week Expert Series  

How would it feel to be held as an expert for six weeks to where you get to shine who you are authentically, have your accolades shine, also with all your tips and passion as Rhonda Liebig creates a safe space and interviews you? This is where you receive special attention from TFIS's marketing team as you get yourself out there in a new way from launching your business, program and/or creating your presence at a higher vibration. The results that TFIS is seeing is that the experts are feeling a closer connection to what their services are by being interviewed weekly, the experts are speaking more in alignment of what they are doing out there in the world and they also create a stronger talk in true alignment with who they truly are. 

Expert Speakers Luscious Global Influence (TFIS works with you and your speaker business with all the services stated above.)

Exclusive strategist that create your speaker business as you partner with The Fresh Inspiration Show and elevate your income flow with where you work closely with the founder of the show, Rhonda Liebig. Here are the FIVE Cs that will be focused on if you choose this luscious package :  

  • Communication (How you communicate with your audience)  
  • Cash Flow (The pulse of your business) 
  • Connection (How all the elements of your business connect to each other and maximize opportunity)  
  • Community (How you work with others to magnify your message) 
  • Capitalize on mindset (How your past business failures or setbacks create truth in your identify your future success.)

Fresh Inspiration VIP Global Magnify with your Book  

Fully step into The Fresh Inspiration Show where you are invited to Rhonda's five-acre ranch, The Fresh Inspiration Show, to sit on her couch for a Fresh Deep Dive 30 minute One on One interview, share insights around your book, your transformation, your story, and services and products. PLUS, you receive all the benefits described above.  

When you become a member of Fresh Inspiration, you also receive:  

All done for you Marketing Media Kit - Includes done-for-you email marketing messages and social media posts, all targeted to promote you and your event to your online communities.  


Extra marketing support with your professional videos to promote yourself as being a star of The Fresh Inspiration Show. You receive sizzle reels, Banners also with fun creative marketing all around you as you partner and learn how to get yourself out there in a new playful way too. Fun and business will mean something different to you once you play with The Fresh Inspiration Show.


Rhonda Liebig is fiercely committed to creating peace, energy, prosperity, and structure for you as you are lifted to your higher space as an expert as a speaker and author. She created Fresh Inspiration to provide you and other heart-centered experts a stage and a welcoming platform - when too often those pursuing opportunities hear NO instead of YES.  

This is a one-of-a-kind space for you to share your gifts through words and stories.  

The heart-centered, power-packed Fresh Inspiration leadership and mentorship takes it even further by empowering you with the skills and confidence necessary to knock it out of the park. Participation in Fresh Inspiration offers varying levels of support. You can step into this all-in-one, red carpet, service-based community, which provides you everything you need to effectively and grow your business. Rhonda has 12 years of being a speaker and entrepreneur, twenty years in the health industry and 10 years in the accounting world as a CPA. Thus all these angles and high touch support is from Rhonda knowing what it takes for a speaker business to thrive.  

Not sure how to pull together a powerful message and talk AND also feel true to the bone in authenticity? She has you covered! This is one of Rhonda's special sauce where she can see where you are not showing up in your talk and how to show up as YOU for your fans. Need some clear, open, soul-based guidance to get you grounded and light on your feet? Covered. Rhonda has your back!  

Rhonda found this important when she realized that her dad, whom she had tragically lost at age 57, many years earlier, was right on her shoulder as she was writing her latest book, 14 Days to a Flat Belly: Guide to a Vibrant, Energetic, Sexy You! She took that awareness and inspiration and is now supporting others as they share and become vulnerable in their WHY as they share their book and use the stage to magnify their message.  

Rhonda is an energy revitalizer and mindset coach bringing freedom into lifestyle and cash flow. She has worked in the health and wellness industry for 20 years. Rhonda is an AADP Certified Health Coach and holds a CPA license. She practiced accounting for over a decade before realizing that corporate life was not for her.  

With Rhonda's uniquely blended background, her business serves clients with the intention of bringing community together and locking arms to bring a healing and higher vibration into this world. She calls this community the Heart Vitality Community. Rhonda loves to play with highly creatives like you as you will see some of her accolades below. She is creator of a Dental Hygienist Program, certifying hygienists as a professional Health Coach, and she is the CEO producer and Founder of "The Fresh Inspiration Show." It is here that she says YES to speakers who are seeking a stage and spotlight to magnify them as the vibrant, motivational professionals that they truly are! Waitressing for 10 years is something that Rhonda is very proud of in her journey that she experienced. So remember all your experiences create you and what you know. What are you proud of that you may not be owning? Let's talk... Fill out the opt in and get on a call.