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Are you feeling...

Confused and frustrated with these times? Feeling like if only you had more energy you could be living more in your passion and what you were born to do here but the times right now seem to take away your muster?

This is why I created the Jumpstart You Energized Path Solution - 5 day path to your mind, food and movement (FREE classes). This is where you get a taste of the strong vitality pillars to support and clear what YOU are going through. I have been in the health industry for over 20 years and I will bring grounded, focused and leveling up space for you to step into new tools and create your Three Energy Revitalize Pillars (mind, food and movement).

Below you will see quick 2 to 3 minute videos where I share what we are doing for the day and also I wrote some descriptions for you too so you can feel what the flow is for each hour.

I am personally inviting you into the daily, one hour, FREE community for five days of playing with your energy pillars.

~ Sincerely Rhonda Liebig

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Day 1 Prework (receive before workshop starts):

"Vitality Rhythm Rhythm, Vitality Rhythm Rhythm: Learn what your vitality rhythm is for increasing energy"

  • Learn to connect within your nervous system.
  • Discover YOU and YOUR energy cycles are.
  • Finish the hour in your vitality rhythm, increasing your energy for the day.

Day one kickoff where you will get into your vitality rhythm, utilizing my twenty years experience in listening and creating throughout the health industry from being a personal trainer, AADP Certified Health Coach and Energy Revitalizer, I will prepare your mind, body and flow in your body for your day and moving forward in this seven day series of classes.

The "Jumpstart Your Energized Solution" is for you if you have been wanting to connect with your day in a passionate way and you are finding that your vitality is slowing you down. You are discovering that your energy is keeping you in the mind and you are not able to step out of the day to day task list and you are tired of just living in your task list. Are you ready to manifest at a new creative level? Then click the button below and be ready to play, dance and celebrate YOU at full throttle in the utmost strategic way. :-)

Day 1 GIFT: A special master grocery snacks list to bring up your "Vitality Rhythm".

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Your inner body work is about finding your personal power and knowing that "you got this!". This is the day we create a deeper calm in the body and open up a flow that allows you to be standing ALL in to create and move your energy flow in a new as you learn strategies in ridding yourself of the afternoon slump.

Day 2 GIFT: Guidance on what keeps your flow open and what closes your flow handout.

Day 2 Prework (receive before workshop starts):

"The Scrumptious Inner Body Work: find the power within yourself"

  • Find your personal energy power
  • Get your inner body flow rebalance with chakra meditation
  • Create an open body flow; preparing for the remaining days of new flow.

This is the day you get to be introduced to my signature pillars; mind, food and movement. Once you learn how these three strength pillars work together your life will change forever when you are manifesting your next results.

Day 3 GIFT: A snapshot lifestyle guide to support The Three Energy Revitalize Pillars handout.

The LIVE Sessions - Day 3 in your journey:

"Creating the foundation for your vitality flow: Mind, Food and movement of The Three Energy Revitalize Pillars"

  • Connect your want and need in your relationship with food (Pillar I)
  • Establish your workouts wants and needs (Pillar II)
  • Learn where you mindset blockers are (Pillar III)

Day 4 GIFT: Energy flow gentle movement video

The LIVE Sessions - Day 4 in your journey:

"Movement to The Beat: Reawakening the Chakra Flow to start rebalancing"

  • Discover and feel your opening of metabolism inner flow.
  • The power of energy now through this specialized movement.
  • (case study) Meet Donna Schreiner and what she has learned over her 4 years of being coached with Rhonda; Energy Revitalize Pillar I

If we are known to have around 70,000 words that we say to ourselves a day and 80% of those words are known to be negative this class creates the discussion and guidance on how to live a day at a higher frequency. This class will start connecting you to your personal words and phrases that slow your day down. We will be utilizing my tool, The Top 10 Sabotages to Clarity to have this breakthrough discussion. Also this will be the second day that Donna Schreiner is with us as she will share how just over four years ago she felt like she was caving in with her cement walls around her and how she was able to start chipping her way out of only having 10 minutes of energy a day. At this time Donna's income stopped coming in, she stopped driving and her relationship with her family was a struggle. Now Donna has transformed her life. She is working, how able to drive and with her recently losing her husband with Corona Virus she is coming in stronger than ever and she will share with you how using her "strategies" has helped her stay away from her falling back into her cement walls.

Day 5 GIFT: The Top 10 Sabotage list. An insightful list that gives you phrases and words that stops you in your daily tracks to getting to your "Mindset Power".

The LIVE Sessions - Day 5 in your journey:

"The Mind, The Words, The Phrases: Start-up Mindset Empowering"

  • 70,000 words we say to ourselves a day, 80% are known to be negative.
  • Top 10 Sabotages to Clarity tool will be used during this class.
  • (case study) Meet Donna Schreiner will be with us as she shares with you her paved walls that she felt she had around her and how she broke through; Energy Revitalize Pillar II, Mindset to Clear Thinking

Have you ever thought about why you eat the way you do? Are you eating for what your taste buds want and numbing your body? How do you know when you are eating for vitality so that food is not about numbers and a diet but more about learning to be friends with food? Wouldn't it be wonderful to eat and not be afraid of the results of your meal such as am I going to have pain or am I going to create energy? Having truth in eating is empowering and to get there can be enlightening. These are the strategies that I specialize in. In this one hour class you will be able to start connecting the dots to how food can strategically take care of your body with releasing pains and fueling your body up throughout the day. This is our third day with Donna Schreiner and she will be sharing with you her first time she finally felt that food was her medicine and how that changed her mindset moving forward to making changes.

Day 6 GIFT: A scrumptious recipe focusing on your Liver and Kidney cleansing.

The LIVE Sessions - Day 6 in your journey:

"Deliciousness in Your Whole Foods; Wrap your mind & body into healing through food"

  • First step, stop fighting food and your taste buds.
  • Recalibrate your food vision; old school vs. new school approach
  • (case study) Meet Donna Schreiner and what she has learned over her 4 years of being coached with the; Energy Revitalize Pillar III Food is Your Medicine

The seventh day is where we bring your jump start energy print together. We will use my Focus, Integrate, Transform, Thrive (FITT) process to review the tools that you have created throughout this 7 day series so that you have a base to create your tantalizing vitality day where you live in your passion for life, business and relationships.

Day 7 GIFT: Created based on the results everyone is receiving through the seven days to continue supporting your vitality flow.

The LIVE Sessions - Day 7 in your journey:

"The Tantalizing Freedom of The Vitality Connection"

  • This is where we bring in the creativity, energy, flow, new tools together and review your vitality blueprint and implementation.